Legal Advice and Servies Offered

Phone me if you have been are about to be charged with one of the below offences or if you require a limited licence of have or about to have your passenger service licence suspended.

Drink driving

Drink driving (excess breath/blood alcohol)

Influence of drugs

Driving under the influence of drugs

Limited licences

Limited licences

Refusing blood

Refusing blood

Reckless driving

Careless / dangerous / reckless driving

Careless driving

Death by dangerous/ reckless/ careless driving

Suspension licence

Suspension of a passenger service licence (P licence)

Drunk in Charge

Driving under the influence (Drunk in Charge)

Sustained loss of traction

Sustained loss of traction

If you have any active Drink & Drive or traffic charge either which has occurred on-road or in public places in Auckland, North Shore , Waitakere, Contact my office immediately.